Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

A flip on EZ's 36 stitch mittens

For these flip-top convertible mittens I followed the basic recipe for 36 stitch mittens in Knitting Without Tears. They were a quick and easy knit. I knit the fingers as you would for a basic glove, ending at about the first knuckle. Then I picked up 18 stitches about 2 stitches below the pinky and cast on 18 stitches and followed the rest of the pattern for the top of the mittens.

I did the embroidery she suggested and thought it was funny because in the book she says something to the effect of "This embroidery will trick even the most experienced knitter into thinking you have learned some new fancy stitch." (I wish I had the book on me for the full quote.) Well, the first time I wore them to Stitch n Bitch, one of the other knitters asked "Wow, how did you do that? a slip stitch?" So smart that EZ is.

So, they look great and are very functional. I decided not I also really like how she has you decrease for the wrist and then increase back up for the hand. I'm not as fond of the thumb placement because it stretches across my hand too much, perhaps for my next pair I'll place the waste yarn so that the thumb comes out of the side of the glove.

ez convertible mittens

EZ convertible mittens

Other Details
Knit with Mission Falls 1824 wool in Amethyst (cc) and Damson (mc) at five stitches per inch. I used about 1.5 balls of the main color (I have small hands).

Thanks to everyone who provided me with feedback on my last post about my Malabrigo Saddle Shoulder Sweater. I reknit the top and am now just working on the finishing. I'm very happy with how it is turning out and hope to be finished soon.